About Us

The Fishing Tree was created to provide buyers with good quality products to help make fishing fun and rewarding. We enjoy the good things in life, and want to help spread that enjoyment far and wide. We are constantly looking for new quality products to present to our customers. That takes time and care and finding the right manufacturers to make sure quality is maintained at all times. There is a plethora of poor quality goods in the marketplace and we are determined to ensure our customers get great value and support to make their buying decision a positive one.

We Support

We support all our products with a Satisfaction Guarantee that simply means there is no risk in buying. If you don’t like the product or if the product is defective in some way (unlikely as we insist on strong quality standards), we will simply refund or replace the item.

Partner With Amazon

As an online business, we partner with Amazon as we know Amazon to be one of the best in the business of dispatching products quickly and handling customer queries efficiently. Occasionally something may go wrong, but this is certainly unusual.

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