Anglers Who Became Internet Fishing Celebrities Pt 2

We posted the first four internet fishing celebrities earlier. Here are the other four that we think are worth following for fishing tips and adventures.

Fishing celebrities we love:

1. Josh Jorgensen (BlacktipH) is an extreme angler who has an adrenaline seeking appetite. Josh pushes the limits of big game fishing and catches monster fish from the beach, kayak or boat. New videos come out each Tuesday.

Catch Josh’s video when he took NBA basketball players out to catch mahi and swordfish in Miami.

What we’re loving: this isn’t what most of us get up to when we say we’re going fishin’. But Josh shows us the glam side so makes it as one of our favorite fishing celebrities.

The stats: Joined YouTube in 2008

2. LakeForkGuy – Justin Rackley creates fishing videos filled with fishing tips and techniques for mainly largemouth bass fisheries. But he also travels to other fishing spots to explore new fish species and techniques.

A while back he posted a fun video on ocean jet ski fishing, which is not for the fainthearted.

He’s worth a look because he covers a mountain of topics, not just fishing.

And his encounter with a brain tumor makes for some interesting images and comments from his solid subscriber base.

What we’re loving: Justin’s epic Make Every Cast Count intro video should be the opening sequence of a Discovery series. Especially as Justin often brings his wife and dog to the videos. Really, we just want to go over and have a beer with them! One of our fishing celebrities? You Bet!

Joined YouTube in 2008

Justin Rackley of Lake Fork Guy helping people fishing

Lake Fork Guy Justin Rackley

Our only anonymous celeb

3. Fishing with Flair – This guy remains anonymous but his personality is right out there. He loves the camera and has a great attitude for it. He loves fishing and hunting so he’s in his element doing what he loves. And as he is an outdoor film producer, his videos are pretty darn good.

What we’re loving: Did you know that you can hand feed largemouth bass McNuggets and bananas? You know, in case you run out of bait…check out the amazing footage of Fishing with Flair’s experiment here. We don’t know many fishing celebrities who would dare do this.

With his numerous interests, this man is prolific in his output. He clearly loves his adventures and making videos in equal measure.

Joined YouTube in 2012

4. Salt Strong – Ok, we aren’t afraid to admit it. We’re pretty much in awe of the Salt Strong guys, who are truly on a mission to share their fishing passion.

What we’re loving:

Pretty much everything. Their mission statement states: “To help saltwater anglers catch more fish and create memories that matter through fishing”. That sounds like an inspiring mission and one they are fully embracing!

They also say “Being “Salt Strong” means you support fishing and will do anything in your power to make sure future anglers have the same opportunities and fishing experiences that you did”. Now that’s powerful stuff!

They run online fishing courses and the Online Fishing Club (Salt Strong Insiders) to fulfil their mission. At the Club they teach inshore anglers how to find new spots, maximize their time on the water and how to out-fish all their friends.

Salt Strong supporting fishing

Salt Strong going strong

Joined YouTube in 2013

Are you following any fishing celebrities that we should know about? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list!

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