Fishing Women – They Are Out There!

There are increasing numbers of fishing women making their presence felt in the angling world.

Although fishing continues to be male-dominated, it doesn’t mean fishing women aren’t out there. And we’re not talking about the scantily clad women you see on the web. We’re talking about the women who are going out and showing their true talent on the water.

Some digging around shows there are tons of fishing women living with their tackle boxes close to their hearts. From bloggers to retailers, from publishers to adventure guides, these women say “Whatever!” to the notion that fishing is a man’s world.

More women are taking up fishing

Women and fishing go hand in hand

Women have been fly fishing since Dame Juliana Berners published “A Treatise of Fishing with an Angle in the late 15th century. But closer to this century, women (traditionally) haven’t appeared to be as numerous as men in taking up the sport.

A parent or role model is the most common way girls learn about the joys of fishing. But thanks to the power of the internet, fishing women are inspiring more and more girls and ladies to just get out there!

Why is it important to encourage women to fish?

There are a ton of benefits that anyone, male or female, young and old, experiences through fishing. And here’s a note to fishing moms. There are so many benefits passed along to our families when they come out to join us. This brilliant blog sums up the top 10 benefits of fishing for our kids. Naturally, fishing is also a great way to introduce a healthy outdoor hobby to our daughters.

Finding like-minded fishing women

The growing number of women anglers is trending strongly and thankfully we don’t see any sign of it slowing down.

But what if you are new to the sport, or don’t know anyone to fish with? How can you find your own fishing buddy?


Several site focus on bringing together new fishing buddies (kind of the “internet dating” for fishing, without the romance). A quick Google search reveals a number of these platforms. Do remember though that if you are meeting someone for the first time, go in a group, and stick to public fishing spots (at least until you know each other).

Local tackle & bait shops

Your local tackle shop is the best place to find notices about nearby events and groups, and who knows, you just might make a buddy out of a fellow customer!

Female anglers on the water

Fishing is capturing more and more women – bring it on!

Ask friends, family, and colleagues if they would like to join you or if they know someone who would be interested in going fishing. You may find that someone you already know is an avid fisherwoman, or simply eager to give it a try!

The women who inspire us to go fishing

We mentioned earlier that there are a lot of women in fishing including writers, publishers, shop owners, and tour guides. These women are doing it for themselves!

Here is a list of fave places online where you can connect with like-minded women:

Facebook groups

United Women on the Fly

Wasatch Women’s Fly Fishing Club

Women Fishing

Women Who Reely Love Fishing


One of the greatest ways to inspire other women to join the ranks is through online and print publications. We found a couple of women-run and written mags that are definitely worth a look.

Adventuress Magazine

Adventuress magazine is a free online magazine written for the outdoor woman interested in a country lifestyle. All the articles are by fellow women and focus on inspiring each other to get outside and learn new skills! The magazine includes hunting, fishing, gardening, as well as a few DIY projects.

Follow Adventuress magazine on Facebook.

DUN Magazine

DUN magazine is a lifestyle magazine geared toward empowering the female fly fishing angler. The publication looks at education, conservation, and above all, aims for fun!


Retailers have finally come to the party by stocking gear for women and consequently women feel more encouraged to give it a go.

Gear for women doesn’t simply consist of pink apparel, though there are items of that color. But manufacturers now are producing products that are cut to fit a woman’s body and in a greater color range than black! And there are many decorative items and jewelry as well just so you look good on that boat.

Women Owned Fishing Businesses

A couple of women-owned fishing businesses that we just love:

Women Too (“Encouraging women to feel more comfortable outdoors”)

Women Too is a series of sites dedicated to women with outdoor hobbies: fishing, hunting, and camping.

Dawn Freeland, a writer and outdoor sportsman advocate, runs Women Too and focuses on helping women feel comfortable in the outdoors. She’s been mentoring women via radio shows, her website, social media, and even on TV. She won first runner-up in Miss Huntress USA (2011), and was Miss Camo Queen (2012).

In the Women Too online shop you’ll find a great array of t-shirts (from pale pastels to the camo-inspired), pole wraps, car decals, fishing inspired earrings, hand crocheted headbands, caps and equipment. She also runs a blog and includes mouth-watering recipes.

Plus, Dawn runs Michigan-based events and trips; just for women!

Need more adventure in your life?

Look no further than Reel Women Fly Fishing!

Reel Women Fly Fishing, a women-owned and led adventure company hosts fishing trips and tours in the USA and overseas.

Interested in reading about fishing celebrities? Check out our post.

Who said it’s a man’s world?

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