Online Fishing Celebrities Pt 1

The web lets anyone with a camera and a social media account to belong to the generation of rising online fishing celebrities.

Thanks to the visibility and share-ability of social media, a host of anglers are making an online splash by sharing their exploits, catches, fave spots and humor.

A few have shared an intense mission to serve and help educate other anglers. And others are just loving life and sharing the dream!

Here are 4 fresh and salt water anglers that we just can’t get enough of. We think they have made it as online fishing celebrities:

1. Gene Jensen (Flukemaster)

Gene has a ton of info on learning different techniques. His videos, such as “Bass Fishing Tricks, Tips and Lure Modifications”, are well produced and organized and makes him a good contender for online fishing celeb.

online fishing celeb

Gene Jensen of Flukemaster

Gene’s passion is bass fishing although he teaches everything that he knows and anything he learns about any variety of fish species, he’ll pass on to his loyal online subscribers.

What we’re loving: Watch his About Me and My Channel video to really get a sense of him as an online fishing celebrity. He’s a guy with a great heart for fishing and teaching, and someone we want to cast with.

Joined YouTube in 2008 so check out his channel

2. Jo​n B. – one of our youngest online fishing celebs

is a young Midwestern fisherman who captures his (and his mates) fishing travel adventures on camera. You may pick up a tip or two along the way because these well-produced videos provide heaps of on-the-water entertainment.

What we’re loving: Jon is young and clearly loves being out on the water. Whether he’s dodging sudden mini-monsoons, living it up in Bali, or making ice fishing tutorials, we all kinda want to be him. He knows his stuff and easily makes it on to our online fishing celebrities list. Check out Bass Fishing Quick Tips series.

Joined YouTube in 2009

Jon B the young fishing celebrity

Jon B, our young fishing celeb

3.  Michael Hsiao – fishing celeb at website 1Rod1ReelFishing

We’ll ignore the subtle rivalry between Jon. B and Michael Hsiao of 1Rod1ReelFishing because it’s all good fun!

Fishing celeb Michael Hsaio having fishing fun

Michael Hsaio an awesome fishing celeb worth following

Aside from the entertainment value and infectious enthusiasm, we got good tips from Michael Hsiao. His numerous Youtube videos include descriptions of lures, rod, reel, line, location and the camera gear he uses.

While he is based in the Northeast, he takes trips all over the States in the name of his passion – fishing!

What we love: Take some time to explore his How To Vids. He’s one of the online fishing celebs giving heaps back to the industry and shares the love with his subscribers.

Joined YouTube in 2012

And here’s our only female fishing celeb:

4. Darcizzle Offshore

Follow Florida saltwater outdoor action outdoor girl Darcie on the web as she travels, fishes (saltwater and bass) and dives in Florida and beyond. See her adventures while catching mahi, wahoo, kingfish, snapper, sharks and more.

What we’re loving: Darcie shows that women fish just as well as the guys. From rigging, driving, reeling, catching bait, cast netting, gaffing and cleaning the catch, Darcie does it all and, like all good online fishing celebs, she shows it all on her Youtube channel. And each location she visits is a destination you would love to go. In her own words she “brings incredible destinations to life”. You go, girl!

Joined YouTube in 2014

online fishing celeb Darcie of Darcizzle

Fishing’s female celeb, Darcie

We’ve actually got a total of eight online fishing celebs who are fun and worth watching. This is just the first four.

Check this post out for the other online fishing celebrities.

And if there is an online fishing guru or celebrity you think we should know about, please just email us and let us know.

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