Sun Protection Fingerless Fishing Gloves

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Outdoor sports and activities will DESTROY your hands

Hot sunburned skin

Ugly sun and age spots

Dangerous pre-cancerous skin lesions on exposed skin

Painful blisters and calluses on your palms

Unintended hooks, scrapes, cuts, road rash

Irritating bites, stings, itches from bugs and plants

Invest in yourself and protect your hands before it is too late
with The Fishing Tree’s

Because fishing, rafting, canoeing, biking, kiteboarding and other outdoor activities and watersports can destroy the sensitive skin on your hands.

And damaged hands will keep you sidelined from your favorite sport or hobby.


Tested and verified UPF Fingerless Fishing Gloves block out harmful UVA & UVB rays without the need for toxic chemicals plus they:

  • Have two layers on the palm (faux leather and PVC palm pad) that add comfort and palm protection against falls, road rash and unexpectedly rough surfaces;
  • Are lightweight and quick drying which makes them suitable for a wide range of outdoor uses, especially sports like fly fishing, boating, jet ski rides, water skiing, wakeboarding;
  • Are fingerless so your hands stay protected while keeping dexterity and manoeuvrability (great for fiddly things like tying tippets or stripping trout fly lines);
  • Help prevent sunburn, sunspots, skin toughening and reduce the chances of precancerous skin lesions and melanomas by blocking out harmful ultraviolet rays;
  • Have a velcro wrist wrap that keeps the gloves securely in place and the stretchy spandex fit means it hugs the hand comfortably and doesn’t stretch out of shape, even when wet;
  • Are manufacturered to a high-quality with double-stitched seams for additional strength;
  • Are easy to look after as they are machine washable and the UPF does not wash out. Unlike most other UPF gloves, there are no chemicals sprayed on to give sun protection – it’s built into the material.

*These claims have been 100% independently verified by global scientific testing research company, SGS Group, as giving maximum UPF 50+ protection.

*These gloves are featured in Watersports Magazine and are rated as the top fishing gloves to buy today.

100% satisfaction guarantee – no “buts, ifs or maybes”.

What Fans Are Saying:


Amazon Customer

I love my new fingerless fishing gloves. They feel great. I have been fishing for 14 years and never wore fishing gloves except to handle tarpon and spiny fish. The sun has been hard on my hands. I started thinking about wearing fingerless gloves. I bought a competitor’s pair of fishing gloves at a local tackle store. After one day those other fishing gloves gave me a blister.

I started googling for a new pair. Your product came up as highly rated. I used them they very next day after I got them when we went offshore to look for Mahi. After wearing them all day on the water, they were still so comfortable I hardly noticed I was wearing gloves. When they got wet, they dried very quickly. I put them in a lingerie bag and tossed into the washer and they came out fresh and clean ready for the next day of fishing!

And yes, I fish with pretty nails!


Amazon Customer

I wear a women’s medium and bought the small. Great fit. The reason for my purchase is due to skin cancer. The lightweight factor is perfect for all the outdoor activities I enjoy such as gardening, kayaking, hiking and driving with the top down on the car. I like the fact that my entire fingers are not covered so i can still have full use of what I use my hands for such as the phone, pulling weeds, touching plants and so forth. I am glad I found these!


Amazon Customer

Not used fishing, but can say these are great with trekking poles. Performed very well over miles of hiking in Calif Summer heat (70-90 degree) over varied terrain; 50% strenuous and sketchy mix of granite boulders, hummas, mud, and roots put substantial pressure on the poles and hands. FishingTree fingerless gloves are definitely with the gear I want in my hiking kit…

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